How does Bright Dental USA do it?

Tip Manufacturing Process

Purchasing:  We purchase only the best surgical quality materials for all products.

Manufacturing:  Skilled technicians carefully manufacture the shapes of each tip to exact specifications.

Machinery:  We use CNC machinery to cut and shape each tip.

Proper Blending:  We blend each tip, from 1 to 6 times to ensure proper use qualities.

Heat Treating Process:  Bright Dental USA’s heat treating process raises the level of heat treating to a 50-55 hardness rating, which increases the strength of the material and minimizes wear.

Assembly:  Proper assembling of the instruments is of the utmost importance.  If the tip is not inserted into the handle properly, it will not work correctly and may break or fall out of the handle.  Each instrument's tips are inserted by highly trained and skilled technicians to ensure quality and consistency.

Cleaning, or “Blading”:  As a final step to the process, we clean all of the instruments and do what we call a final "blading", or sharpening, to ensure that the proper working edges on each and every instrument meet the specifications of dental professionals.

Handle Manufacturing Process

Proper Cutting: We cut each handle to exact specifications with precision machinery.

Complete Handle Making Process:  We very precisely cut the tip to fit into each handle size in order to minimize the significant possibility of product loss.

Grooving Work:  Bright Dental USA grooves the handles of our instruments to give dentists increased comfort during treatments.  The types of grooving we use are specific to both the function and kinds of handles, which lend our products an added level of specialization.

Upscale Satin Handles:  By applying the exact amount and duration of friction needed to the handles while in the sand barrel, we are able to give the handles a unique, bright, satin finish.

Ultrasonic Cleaning:  Our ultrasonic cleaning process helps prevent our handles from becoming rusty, and can significantly increase their lifespan.