The superior quality of Bright Dental USA products did not happen overnight.  It is the end-result of 20 years of industry experience forged by sheer enthusiasm and an unprecedented passion for the manufacturing of dental instruments – resulting in unmatched levels of quality and expertise.  The following are some of the results of this passion-fueled expertise:


The precision of a dental instrument is completed by the finely manufactured tips of Bright Dental USA products.  As each instrument passes through the many stages of the production process, Bright Dental USA perfects the unique angles, and individually sharpens each blade.


To ensure a better grip, we manufacture larger handles on our products than our competitors.  However, using a high purity stainless steel, our handles are lighter in weight, which helps minimize hand fatigue and allows for greater durability.


Another advantage of utilizing the highest quality materials in the production process is that all Bright Dental USA products are virtually unbreakable under the hand pressure used by dentists while treating patients.  This increased solidity is a crucial safeguard for both patients and dentists. 


Multi-lateral blades enable dentists to treat the patient by maneuvering the instrument’s handle around the patient, instead of maneuvering the patient around the handle.  It is both easier and more efficient to treat patients in varying directions using our products because Bright Dental USA provides 60 – 100% greater available angles on our blades than our competitors.


Bright Dental USA values the evolving needs and advancements of both our customers as well as the dental industry as a whole by continuing to incorporate new innovations into our products’ design and manufacturing.  Staying current is a crucial part of our continued commitment to those who use our products around the world.


In addition to maintaining our high standards of quality in terms of production, Bright Dental USA believes that our pricing should be commensurate with equally high standards of value.  Therefore, the quality of our products enhances the overall value of our pricing.


The ergonomic designs of Bright Dental USA instruments make the comfort of the dentist and patient our number one priority.  This allows dentist to deliver the most precise treatments with the maximum amount of comfort to the patient.


With over 1,500 different types of instruments to choose from, we offer a truly wide variety of diagnostic, periodontal, operative, restorative, orthodontic, prosthetic, endodontic, surgical, and periodontal surgical impliments.  And as always, each of our 1,500 instruments comes with our continued commitment to quality and value.


Our skilled technicians, with an unmatched enthusiasm for perfection, craft all Bright Dental USA products with superior levels of precision, adding a handmade touch to each instrument.